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In The Beginning, by Philip Onslow

British Mountain Bikes started out in the year 2000 under the name of Cougar Custom Cycles. I was studying at university and thus didn't have much money to fund my downhilling, a notoriously expensive sport even now. The price of good suspension was the biggest barrier to me, and I figured that this would certainly be the case for many other people. So, fed up with the overpriced products in the UK, I developed contacts in Taiwan, got hold of some sample products and literature, and started selling suspension forks for much less than UK big-name models.

Shortly after this, the name was changed to British Mountain Bikes to avoid confusion with another business. The product range was expanded to include frames, hubs and discs. Then I created the BMB Special prototype DH bike in 2001 (see the BMB Special page for more info on this unique bike) and, after a year of tweaking, started racing it in 2002. This summer, I hope it won't just be myself - the BMB DH Race Team may put in some appearances! This year, I have introduced new DH forks and long-travel frames - the future looks bright for affordable UK downhilling!

What Does The Future Hold?

My original intention four years ago was to make mountain biking, and particularly extreme riding, affordable, without sacrificing quality. I still hold to that today. Granted, at these prices I can never supply the kind of cutting-edge technology found on many high-end mountain bikes, but by seeking out the best Taiwanese manufacturers I am able to supply parts that are almost as good and with great construction quality for less than half the price!

And now, as technology and trends move on, I hope to give you all MORE for your money - MORE travel, MORE strength, MORE fun!

BMB was never about making loads of profit. Although I could quite easily sell these products for a lot more and still be cheaper than most UK stores, by cutting my prices I can contribute towards the growth of the sport which I and so many others love so much. And more mountain biking can only be a good thing!


Many thanks to the North East Freeride Association (NEFA) for helping me out, building a great track, and organising the best competitions!  See the link below for the NEFA site.

Keep up the good work guys! 

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